3 Steps to Take

The OAS team offers a range of services and accommodations to help provide equal access to educational opportunities for students with disabilities.

1. Determining Initial Eligibility

Students new to Emory or the accommodations process must follow these OAS policies and procedures for determining initial eligibility. Returning students will skip this step.

  • Fill out Emory's student registration form and submit it along with the appropriate medical/disability documentation.
  • An OAS staff member will review the application materials and determine appropriate accommodations specific to the individual's disabilities. Accommodations are developed for students on an individual basis and, depending on the course content and format, may vary by semester or term.
  • If a student is determined to be eligible for reasonable accommodation, an OAS staff member will meet with the student to discuss approved accommodations. Otherwise, OAS may assist the student in identifying voluntary and readily achievable means for meeting his or her needs.

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2. Requesting Accommodations

Students who need accommodations to participate fully in Emory's programs should file a formal request for accommodations with OAS. The best time to do so is immediately after registering for classes each semester or term, as this allows OAS to adequately coordinate services and provide instructors with reasonable notice.

  • Students who are already registered with OAS must request accommodation letters each term.
  • Newly admitted students should apply for accommodations using the same process as current students. Determination of eligibility for OAS services and accommodations is not part of the admission process.
  • Students who have developed an impairment due to an illness, accident, or surgery may contact the office about potential accommodations for a temporary disability.

Students have the primary responsibility of advocating for themselves during the accommodation process. They should not rely on their parents, faculty members, or others to do so for them.

3. Implementing Accommodations

After registering with OAS, the student will request an accommodation notification letter for the student to deliver to his/her faculty member. Without a student's request, the office will not provide an accommodation letter.

Faculty are not obligated to accommodate students from whom they have not received formal notice. OAS will not communicate with any faculty member until a student has completed the registration process and has an approved accommodation letter in place.

The student should notify OAS:

  • If the results are not what the student expected. It is harder to correct a long-standing problem and it may be too late if the student waits too long or until the course or activity is completed. An OAS staff member will work with the student to resolve the problem, and in collaboration with faculty, staff, and administrators, as appropriate.
  • To request additional accommodations for which they are eligible. This may be done at any time during the semester; however, it is the student's responsibility to provide OAS with "reasonable notice." If documentation on file does not support the request, a student may be required to provide additional documentation. The student's file will be re-evaluated by OAS staff to determine if the new request is reasonable.
  • If the student has any changes to his or her schedule, location, type of instruction, or the type of academic environment. For example, a student may need additional accommodations for online instruction, study abroad, internship experiences that are part of their curriculum.

Related Considerations

Appealing Eligibility Decisions

Students who have any concerns regarding the determination of appropriate accommodations may request an appeal of the decision by contacting Emory ADA Compliance Officer Allison Butler.

Reporting Discrimination

Students who feel the actions of any person or entity at Emory have been discriminatory based on their disability status may contact Emory EO/AA Compliance Officer Maurice Middleton.